Old Psychology Studies Aren’t Reliable, Says A New Study

The Earth Custodians Blog has stressed countless of times that what the consensus called “human condition” is not accurate at all. Human condition tells us what it exactly is: mind control.

The “Human Nature” and the “Human Condition” are 2 very different things. It is not because the human mind can be controlled that we should draw conclusions. A programming will forever remain a lie because it is coercive, subliminally or not.

As a matter of fact, the induction of a condition will only remain active if reinforcing the very induction on a regular basis, otherwise that very condition undoes itself. As a matter of fact, more and more people awaken daily to the reality of our left brain dystopian society and the senselessness of materialism sold as the pillar of happiness.

Moreover, the truth is that any controlling behavior is cursed to come to an end, one way or another. Generally it always ends with a bang, often called revolution. But we should guard ourselves against such an aftermath because violence never leads to any lasting change. Never.

Long story short, we should not be surprised by the claim that “old psychology studies are no longer reliable”. What they are trying to say here is that our very ancient Freudian and Darwinian social programming is beginning to show deep cracks as it was based on a futile mantra: controlling the input is controlling the output.

If mainstream psychology sincerely wants to rehabilitates itself, it has first to acknowledge that social programming is irreconcilable with the True Human Nature, which is the root of all good when not coerced in any way.

How could so many (so-called) theories based on the violence induced by a top 10% of lunatics be taken seriously for so long??? We are talking in term of centuries here.

The last 1000 years of philosophy and psychology must be entirely rewritten… and not only these two fields but science too.

Troubled water ahead!

Old psychology studies aren’t reliable, says a new study (2015)
Most of the people interested in science look to the most recent studies for the latest updates in our ongoing quest for understanding more. However, according to a new report by the Smithsonian Institute, not all of these studies can be trusted. A recent review published in the journal Science shows that only about 35 percent of the psychology studies published in the year 2008 could be successfully replicated in a lab.

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