On Humanity As A Body, Self-Determinism As A Half-Truth And The Whispering Universe

Earth Custodians do not endorse moral relativism (every perspective is ok, nor opinions based on man-made laws) ), our blog has established this beyond doubt. Unfortunately Reality is too challenging or painful to admit… it is not about being righteous but understanding that there are Laws in the Universe we cannot bypass, bend nor ignore, which are immutable… and as long as we do not look into and accept the latter, the world threats will continue growing bigger.

Why it is so challenging to many people to grasp that these immutable Principles actually “talk” to us, for us to find about the right path? The Universe is alive, as much as we are, any other living cell. And has a Mind on Its Own which we must listen to. Yes, all it costs is to notice IT. Man-made laws are all bunk therefore. It is thus impossible to expect good things to happen on a macro and micro scale alike as long as we have man-made laws.

Individual subjectivity is in for a rude awakening. Self-determination is just 50% of the process and then the buck stops here. People cannot share their uniqueness when money rules their daily lives, because self-interest either ends up jeopardizing collaboration or consolidating a conspiracy to defraud.

Too many people do jobs that hate doing, thus doing what one loves is important. But lets dream a little bit: if everybody was ever doing just that, “profit seeking” and “bottom slavery” would end, and the world economy would collapse overnight. Should humans learn to work with their hearts, money would no longer be necessary… It is all about the Mind and the Hearth… not materialism

Being able to argue from an “objective reality” perspective is key to resolve the dilemma otherwise one just increases the strength of the status quo. “Objective reality” can only be experienced by a mind taking personal responsibility for ALL that happens in the world. This generate a feeling of powerlessness preventing from taking action, because they know that if they ever did, the planetary house of cards would crumble down under their very own eyes.

Unfortunately a clash with Objective Reality will become inevitable at some point. The Earth Custodians blog speaks a lot about the coming paradigm shift… but when confronted with the evidence, many would rather bury their heads in the sand. Most still prefer half-truths to make their world go round and subscribing to whatever monetized mindfulness programs.

The entire world is on the WRONG path, and since we all are interconnected, it is going to cause a mega issue. Humanity is a body… just as the Universe. We must cooperate because we all are interconnected. Individualism is a premise that cannot work out therefore. Individual uniqueness can only expand so far, but then, the Principle of Polarity flips the poles around and we must surrender to the Whole. (Uniqueness and the Whole being opposites)

Profit seeking is all relative in the end but one thing is certain: if validating it at one’s own level seems reasonable, then there is no way to set boundaries, because each level of society regards profit seeking the exact the same way. Monetarism essentially fuels the fallacy of moral relativism, even hard currencies were not able to address it. Let alone cryptos as the world economy is already in the hands of a top 10%

PS: If you re not familiar with The Principles, just start with Mark Passio

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