Global Demand For Cheap Seafood Relies On Slavery And Human Trafficking

We have educate ourselves about what is really going on, instead of relying on what we’ve been taught. We have to make decisions based on facts, not fantasy. Earth Custodians’ mission is to expose the fallacies of “profit making”, philosophically and materialistically. We live a Matrix glued by lies and the more one dissects the latter the more one begins to understand that a money-free society is the only way out of the Matrix. Yes, it is only when humans will start eating “consciously” (practice nutrition as a science) that they will no longer fall prey to the “market forces”, and regain the control over their health. Forget about any new regulations and crackdowns because if the production slows down, the system will grind to a halt nonetheless. As stated many times, should we be able to fix the system and make corporations pay for their criminal deeds, profits would vanish overnight and we’d have a world crash. 

Food Inc has made sure that we overconsume as if there are no tomorrows, and the aftermath is beyond dire. We live in a sick system that makes us sick not only emotionally but also physically. Yet so many do not seem to care as long as they receive their paychecks to stay afloat with their mortgages and drive  awesome vehicles that make them feel like having a life. 

Life is not about money, folks, and the sooner we wake up from the illusion, the sooner humanity will begin to thrive. The purpose of Life is creativity and spirituality, witnessing the One Source in all our actions.


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CONCLUSION: 100 years ago, they were saying that it was impossible to communicate around the world without traveling for months and months. So the question is not IF an utopian future is possible but are we willing to accept a utopian future… because clearly competing has led us on the edge of the abyss.


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