The Bitter Price Of Tropical Fruits -The ‘Buy LOW Sell HIGH’ Paradox Exposed Again

As the demand for avocados rises 30% every year, the farmers (who of course want to make more money) expand their plantation at the expense of the locals, stealing their water, creating artificial droughts in the Chilean area concerned. Getting poorer by the year, people try to fight the “avocado cartel” to no avail… yet here we enjoy our avocados, which can be pricey, depending on where we buy them…. but guess what? To produce 10Kg or 22lbs of avocados requires 600 GALLONS OF WATER…. do the math…. yes, avocados are yummy and full of nutrients (why they are now called superfood) but since nutrients should be what really matters, there are other foods that provide the same nutrients.

Where does your fruit come from and at what cost? | DW Documentary (26MINS)

Describes the hazardous situation huge pineapple plantations have created in Costa Rica. These plantations use so much pesticides (18Kg/40lbs per hectare) that they are contaminating the aquifers and destroying the rain forest slowly but surely, and locals must rely on the government drinkable water delivered by truck to villages. Some locals are very vocal and branded as eco-terrorists… but further how can these pineapples be healthy for consumption?? Supermarkets make the biggest profits. More than the producers because they can dictate the market… On the plantation labor is for peanuts and workers eventually pay with their health getting cancer in the long run… 

So what, all this for gluttony? It looks like it… never believe any hype, you are being fooled! It is about time to merge philosophy and science if we ever wish to make it as a species. But the mantra “buy low sell high” is over folks… GAME OVER!  

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