On The Supranatural, Materialism — And The Spontaneous Order

Life has always been a supranatural phenomenon and money makes people want to elude (or forget) this, because when thinking of its supranatural aspect, most feel vain and lost, so they cling on the material aspects rather than questioning their life’s purposes and the supranatural origins of Reality. Hence the success of atheism: fear. Materialism is atheism

The more humans cooperate the more security and social benefits… the more security one seeks the more control and the more dystopian society becomes… that is how the universe works. Yes cooperation and sharing are the way… but not when they are enforced nor coerced in any fashion. It has to be voluntary. And money is utterly coercive.

That is the twist. Evil copycats “The Laws of the One” but inverts them. The top 1% just implements its agenda out of people’s fears and craving demand for security. And it does wonders. That is where money fits in, everybody rushes after it for the sake of security….. causing one’s enslavement.

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