Tesla Bankrupt But Elon Musk’s Pay Package Could Be Worth $50 Billion?

Wall Street schemes will never change… because when money is involved and in order to profit, one has to embellish the picture. Free market cannot survive without lies and society to consume as if there are no tomorrows. This business model has to be let go and replace with a new one allowing Nature to regulate human consumption.

It is not just Tesla’s Elon Musk but the WHOLE corporate world. And we got to that point because investors are gambling addicts (addicted to get rich quick schemes), but that is what realistically happens when following the money. The world is a giant casino.

Nature has defined for us a threshold of consumption (so that nobody goes hungry, has a roof and progress is accomplished voluntarily, science cannot be turned into a business) that respects Her generosity. And this is called the zero-sum game…. MORE: http://www.earthcustodians.net/blog/2018/01/01/nature-determines-the-threshold-of-human-consumption/

The Paradox Of Money ‘IS’ Money’s Untold Dirty Secret

How many western international corporations have relocated in China? …. “China’s Black Hole Of Debt Creates Ghost Cities And World Crisis” https://coyoteprime-runningcauseicantfly.blogspot.com/2015/08/the-economy-chinas-black-hole-of-debt.html

The $29 Trillion Corporate Debt Hangover That Could Spark a Recession (2016) https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-01-28/some-29-trillion-later-the-corporate-debt-boom-looks-exhausted

Tesla Is ‘Structurally Bankrupt’ But So Are GM And Ford https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkobayashisolomon/2018/02/22/tesla-is-structurally-bankrupt-but-so-are-gm-and-ford/#2483ef26203c

Elon Musk’s Pay Package Could Be Worth $50 Billion | Mar 23, 2018 3:08 PM EDT….. Up until this point, Tesla has run into production issues that have hurt the company’s stock price in the short term. But that hasn’t deterred Tesla diehards from supporting the company through Model 3 preorders or investors from providing the company with a market capitalization unheard of for a company that loses billions of dollars a year. https://www.thestreet.com/amp/story/14532980/1/elon-musks-pay-package-could-be-worth-50-billion-dollars.html

Tesla shares fall after Moody’s downgrades credit rating | Tue, 27 March 2018Moody’s lowered its corporate family rating on Tesla to B3 from B2 and changed the outlook to negative from stable. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/03/27/moodys-downgrades-tesla-credit-rating-on-model-3-production-delays.html

Tesla is just months from a total collapse, says hedge-fund manager | Published: Mar 27, 2018 ….. Unless Elon Musk “pulls a rabbit out of his hat,” Tesla will be bankrupt within four months, says John Thompson of Vilas Capital Management. “Companies eventually have to make a profit, and I don’t ever see that happening here,” he told MarketWatch. “This is one of the worst income statements I’ve ever seen and between the story and the financials, the financials will win out in this case…………… “Tesla, without any doubt, is on the verge of bankruptcy,” he told clients in an email over the weekend. He explained that funding will be hard to come by in the face of problems in delivering the Model 3, declining demand for the Model S and X, extreme valuation and a likely downgrade of its credit rating by Moody’s from B- to CCC. “As a reality check, Tesla is worth twice as much as Ford [estimate of the enterprise value of both companies], yet Ford F, +0.28% made 6 million cars last year at a $7.6 billion profit while Tesla made 100,000 cars at a $2 billion loss,” Thompson said. “Further, Ford has $12 billion in cash held for ‘a rainy day’ while Tesla will likely run out of money in the next 3 months. I’ve never seen anything so absurd in my career.”Tesla declined to comment on Thompson’s views. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/tesla-is-just-months-away-from-a-total-collapse-says-hedge-fund-manager-2018-03-27

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