The Psyche Paradox: Why Does Sex Play Such An Important Part In Life?

As expounded in The Laws Of Light, Emotions And Sexuality, intimacy teaches self-control above all, that we cannot command anybody’s feelings, nor physically possess one another.

Sexuality Is A Story About Surrendering. When We Are Not Free, Sexuality Enslaves

Sexuality is the driving Force behind the Creation of the Universe, the mating of every particle comprised within it, so any form of amorous control equates to an attempt to control the Creator, or The One. This shouldn’t come as no surprise when at some point, we begin to regard our relationship very differently, perceive the other as he or she truly is, and while waking up to the realization that controlling desire and feelings have become an emotional trap.

Mating implies the union of two Electric Polarities: Male and Female. The very expression of that Polarity is the most acute in sexual relationships when expecting a materialistic rapport, a trade between parties Involved. Lovers experience The Cosmic Oneness during intercourse and the intense connection result into a bound but which also will have to endure the separation when becoming two again after intercourse.

When not understanding the Force that is Sexuality and its dual purpose, one generally tends to focus only of the Oneness experienced with the partner and tries to repeat it as much as possible to feel closer to latter. Passion and lust are the negative expression of the Oneness experience as it is a behavior draining emotions, or more precisely depleting serotonin and dopamine levels on both sides.

This Oneness experience has specific rules, and when not following them, one exposes oneself to a ineluctable countdown leading to the questioning one’s primary aims, along with the discovery of a bursting Pandora Box that often gives valuable life lessons, should we choose of course, to scratch the surface and look deeper into the matters.

Sex is a Creative Principle that cannot be used as an ego band aid. Sex without understanding the meaning of Love, which starts with self-love, will bring about the realization that Sex rather enslaves the mind. And paradoxically this motion is at the core of any sexual obsession, hoping for a break through that will and cannot happen, as long as society continues to equate Sex with Freedom, and thus giving it such a tremendous importance preventing from comprehending why this motion brings about destructive illusions.

As Krishnamurti puts it, it is only when we’ll begin to address our lack of Freedom demanding all our mental energy that Sexuality will become a secondary focus and thus cease to be an lusty obsession corrupting the mind.


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