Aliens Could Survive On A Diet Of Radiation, The Terraforming Of Earth, Electromagnetic Interference, Flotilla Of Killer Robot Warships

We decided to keep the data shared below on our blog only for now. It won’t be hyperlinked on the main site because it is just too much gloom. But we are sure that our usual followers will find it.

This blog is a long compilation offering a broad picture about the next stage of our civilization. There is no AI-bundance-Immortality driven rosy scenario out there but a technocratic cyber prison becoming more real as time goes by.

There is no such a thing as “power”… the problem is education/programming. Every bit of knowledge has its challenges. But since we are still in darwinian mode, now our own creations  are about to depopulate us. Dark plot of not, we are staring at the abyss because the idea that man is an animal is pure INdoctrination. 

If man was given the dominion over nature it is precisely to ESCAPE darwinism. Taking more than what one puts in keeps us entrenched in deep  and desperate materialism. Animals do not take more than we they put  in, and that is why Nature is in equilibrium. 

Our animal behaviors we are breaking this balance, The Cosmic Law, because unlike animals human beings can think far ahead. To win over this “illusion of power” the ego has  to let go something BIG. 

But how many are in fact ready for that?

DARPA Unveils Plans For World’s First Flotilla Of Killer Robot Warships Within Five Years – ‘Sea Hunter’

10 April 2016 GMT  | ‘While the global drone arms race heats up across the planet, filling the sky with automated weapons of war, it makes perfect sense that the seas would soon follow. Amid cries of restraint from members of the scientific community and academia, as well as those within the field of robotics, the U.S. military is forging ahead with the development of a 132-foot “stalker” warship that might soon patrol the world’s oceans in search of enemies.’ AND

DARPA developing mechanically augmented ‘super soldiers’ using motorized exoskeletons 

ATLAS: Next Generation Of DARPA Humanoid Robot Released

They Are Building A Technological Prison For Humanity, David Icke

Rise of the spy phones? The next generation of cameras on mobiles could use lasers to see THROUGH walls, claim experts

Corbett Report: DARPA Exposed


Top DARPA Projects That Should Creep You Out


The video above is a must watch. Many people do not know what they really sign up for with their tax dollars. Watch it to see with your own eyes how evolved AI killer-drones are about to become.

Here is one more evidence that Earth is being “terraformed” for a full AI-robotic takeover. With 75% of global crop need to be pollinated, bee-drones may integrate our landscape sooner than we think.  Russia Warns: Global War Over “Bee Apocalypse” Coming. But let’s follow the money trail: what kills bees by the millions in the first place? Pesticides and EMF radiations. 

ARTICLES: Robotic bee could help pollinate crops as real bees decline (newscientist)….  This ‘bee’ drone is a robotic flower pollinator – Feb. 15, 2017 .…  Bee Vs Drone: robotic bee pollinate flowers (dronereality)

 About three-quarters of global crop species, from apples to almonds, rely on pollination by bees and other insects.  (newscientist)

When putting together data the MSM won’t touch, we clearly can see that there is very different story developing behind what is sold to us as Reality. The futuristic abundance scenario is highly UNlikely since most humans, way to busy to make ends meet and chasing profits, are UNaware of the stakes. 

Let’s be rational here: money will not be able to address the dire challenges ahead, not even universal basic income, which is sold as a bandaid to subdue the masses. The smart prison is becoming too a reality in the meantime:

AI Robots Full 2018 Documentary (how the so-called AI robotic miracle is introduced to society)

Of course it was foreseeable. The article below merely demonstrates the obvious: Robots/AI will learn and expand from the data we upload in to them. And since our society is built upon biases and distortions… guess what? We will strengthen them with algorithms. The future is only a meme of past human experiences but with a twist: technocratic servitude paving the way for  an eugenicist, dystopian future.

Are computers turning into bigots? Machines  that learn to think for themselves are revolutionising the workplace.  But there’s growing evidence they are acquiring racial and class prejudices too    ………….. An expert analysis of Wisconsin defendants  who did not subsequently re-offend discovered that black people were  twice as likely as whites to have been flagged by the robot as ‘high  risk’, making them far more likely to be kept in jail without good  reason.This is because there are more  black offenders than white in the parole population — which civil  liberties campaigners argue is due to historical racism by humans,  rather than by computers — but nevertheless, the robot can perpetuate  and worsen this.The robot ‘learns’  from the accumulated data that black people are more likely to offend  and then uses that information to keep on selecting black people for  incarceration in a jail system that — for multiple reasons such as  exposure to other prisoners — makes them more likely to re-offend when  released. ……….  This information — that black/poor people get jailed more — is used to  reinforce this bias in what experts call a ‘runaway feedback loop’.

Aliens could survive on a diet of radiation, study finds ( 

A bug found feeding off radioactive uranium has opened the possibility to scientists that alien life could survive on a diet of cosmic rays and not require light, oxygen and carbon – believed to be the building blocks of life here on Earth…. The bacterium Desulforudis audaxviator was found 2.8km beneath a gold mine in South Africa, completely deprived of all things required for photosynthesis. The discovery is leading scientists to rethink their theories on what is required to create life, according to a study published by the Royal Society….  If the bacterium can survive from radioactive byproducts found in the  depths of a  mine, alien life may be able to feed on cosmic radiation,  making parts of the universe previously believed to be uninhabitable a  potential cauldron of life. (more at the link)

Terraforming Planet Earth and Human Consciousness With Electromagnetic Interference

The rollout of 5G is happening now, in spite of many legitimate concerns  about public safety, and in spite of the fact that former FCC Chairman  turned corporate lobbyist, Tom Wheeler is more concerned with making  money than our health.  According to Wheeler, the rollout of 5G will require an  enormous increase in the number of cell towers, all pumping  electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) far higher than 4G into our  environment.

To make this work, the 5G buildout is going to be very  infrastructure intensive, requiring massive deployment of small cells.”  ~Tom Wheeler

 Furthermore, 5G is just one new component in the electromagnetic assault  on planet earth. And while we have plenty of evidence proving  electromagnetic radiation is indeed harmful to human health (cell phones  cause cancer, sleep disruption, attention disorders, and behavioral  problems), we know very little about what the saturation of planet earth  with EMF is doing to the health of the environment.

Additionally, the earth is being inundated with a range of  other technologies which alter the natural frequency signature of the  planet. WiFi, smart meters, the internet of things, scalar technologies,  extra low frequencies (ELF), ionospheric enhancement (ie. HAARP),  directed energy weapons, geoengineering programs including atmospheric  spraying, a flood of GPS satellites, and the space fence are all to be  included in the list of technologies adding layers of EMF disruption.’  Read more:

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