When Dying Will Eventually Become Unaffordable

How long will it take for people to acknowledge the elephant in the room?

All monetary systems lead to the same aftermath, some faster than others.  And cryptocurrencies will not abolish usury which is has always been the real problem since eons. 

People’s willingness to go into debts to secure and borrow their future is embedded in all monetary premises, and what is essential to power and “crowd managing”. So in the end, it does not matter which currency is used, end results will be much of the same under any system. 

Labeling system is meaningless. Since wealth cannot be created nor destroyed, usury is a great evil, would it be in the form of a mortgage or credit cards or financing wars and social programs.

At this stage, there is not much left to do but watch everything disintegrate in slow motion, and get ready to rebuild anew from scratch completely. Hopefully with a different premise. This crisis is also an opportunity and we should welcome it. 

We live in a world where everything works in reverse because existential values have monetized conflicts of interest to no end. Since values are inverted finding ourselves back on the right path requires first a burning desire to see this earthly onslaught come to an end. It is only when the understanding of the crisis endorses the ‘greater picture’ that we allow Holistic Thinking to set in and come to the rescue.

Although the topic of health (being hijacked by speculation, and which is the absolute bottom line) is literally sickening, this blog will be the last of  the “medical series” for quite a while.

Read the highlights of an article posted our moderator Pennilessgal in the forum: When Dying Will Eventually Become Unaffordable

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