Emergent Artificial General Intelligence In The AI Economy

The Earth Custodians do not believe in economics in any shape or form because the concept of economics is meant to profit. On top of that it would be kind or naive to assume that if AI happens to manage blockchain, that blockchain will remain independent and decentralized. It is also puzzling as how AI may become one of the biggest growth opportunities this century, when robots and automation are set to take over billions of jobs, leaving up to 70-80% of population on UBI (Universal Basic Income) within the next 10 years or so.

Was bitcoin created by an artificial intelligence to rule the world? (10mins)

The A.I. / Blockchain Connection…(13mins)

Emergent artificial general intelligence in the AI economy

The proliferation of AI will be one of the biggest growth opportunities this century, with the market forecasted to grow from $234 billion in 2017 to $3.1 trillion by 2025. As the first platform enabling AIs to coordinate resources and capabilities at scale, SingularityNET  is positioned as a critical mediator across all future AI developments. SingularityNET offers organizations massive financial and operational advantages. The network creates  the first interoperability standards for AIs, radically improving the process of discovering and  coordinating AI services, while allowing developers to easily monetize AI tech. All of this is made possible through a streamlined, scaleable system for payments through the AGI token.  https://singularitynet.io/

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