On Personal Responsibility, Love And The Staggering Costs of Peace

What Does personal Responsibility Really Entail?

Telling things as they really are will often sound harsh to most people, mainly because dreaming of a better life is what makes people go through the day. But news have really become quite dark these days, haven’t they?  

Madeleine Albright’s infamous interview – The deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it for Iraq’s non existent WMD’s (She served from 1997 to 2001 under President Bill Clinton )

Mass violence, such as war, can only be supported when the collective is threatened. All what any leaders have to say is: we are being attacked. If armed conflicts were a solution, they would have eradicated themselves centuries ago, and the fact that the later have become more potentially lethal  over time should  prompt us to question and dissect any pro-war narratives. 

The Universe will not allow any society that kills its innocent children to prosper but let it sink into the depth of servitude — or silently observe its self-annihilation. As a matter of fact, the world is so deep into debt that we can never repay what we owe.  When we see the war buildup around the planet and the ever deepening social fragmentation caused by various “divide and rule” political platforms, it is indeed time to take a deep breath in. 

And How Is Every Human Responsible For This State Of Affair? 

Every human is responsible for what is  in the sense that every time we do not stand up for human sovereignty,  ours and that of others, the machinations of power will grow exponentially until each of us is forced to do something about it. That is how the Universe works. We all are interconnected. Personal responsibility is inescapable and this voids any *blame game theories” possible. 

Blame games operate within a certain scope, like gathering  the pieces of a puzzle. Blame games evolve in the Subjective Realm and therefore have a limited spectrum. Beyond that individual action must take over, and when the latter does not, there is a failure in personal responsibility. And this is all good for the culprits, who can then shift their karma onto populations. This is, in a nutshell, why the Universe regards Objective Truth (obtained by personal responsibility) as paramount. 

All There Is … Is Love

Universe is the result of Electricity holding it together. And who says electricity, also says negative and positive charges… cathode and anode. And this means that the female and the male elements are constantly mating. So yes, on a physical level the Universe is made out of Love. Mating to further Life at different levels of awareness. 

On a intellectual and spiritual level, things get a little bit more complex because, if whatever mind refutes the physical level, the latter will rather become atheistic. And it is not surprising at all, that science is today a field rocked by systemic corruption and can no longer preserve Life. We shouldn’t look any further for the deep root cause, which is of a metaphysical nature. 

Comprehending the above, will also give a better insight as how to interpret the previous column

The Monetary Paradox: The staggering cost of ‘Peace’

Time has come to quit taking everything for granted: we are in this giant mess because world citizens have relied on their lawmakers over the centuries way too much . What we are seeing today didn’t happen overnight. It has always been so. Let’s face it.  Being in power is impossible without hiding knowledge, the control of information circulating …. and financial means to consolidate power further.  

Whining ad nauseum and blame games have to come to an end because obviously, if the situation got from bad to worse, they do not help at all. What needs to be done is to cease admiring people in power and turning to them for (expensive)  solutions. 

Time is running out, we have more or less 5 years to reverse the situation. Will it be possible?  It is a 50-50% at this stage. One thing is certain though, is that power will have to reveal itself for what it is completely eventually… and this will create a breaking point… if those already awakened spread the word as fast as possible. Mental resistance to the Truth, can be circumvented with patience, and diplomatically planting seeds in the minds of skeptics. Direct confrontation is seriously discouraged. The best way is to start by helping others notice the reality of  “fake right and left  paradigm”, make them realize that following the money trail leads to better insights. Money always exposes the lies of what is. People will only consider to change their minds when they have the math available.  

This is the paradox of money: while it has caused the buildup to our unprecedented crisis,  it also can free us at the condition to use data in an diligent and unbiased manner. However, the most powerful antiwar stance is when the monetary aspect is combined with the killing of children. A society that kills its children is a death cult. 

In the Greater Scheme Of All Things, money is a tool to achieve power and nothing else, as wealth cannot be created nor destroyed but merely changes hands. It is only when this premise begins to make sense in many minds that Humanity will be able to embrace a futuristic and voluntary society, with technology servicing a greater good.  What we are seeing is the end of the materialist paradigm, it can no longer be stretched and a break through is the only exit possible. 

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