How Many Millions More People Will Have to Die Of Starvation Before We Get It?

The world needs to comprehend that wealth cannot be created nor destroyed… it merely changes hands. This Truth is of a metaphysical nature. Just like the Universe, which is always in a perfect equilibrium. 

It is the materialistic obsession which is at the core of the world sufferings, chasing what we perceive as “wealth”. And anybody thinking that the “developing world” is too far away geographically to take action, then let’s just sit down and wait for the collapse of the so-called rich West:  Bitcoin Rush For Rich Only? 78% of American workers now living paycheck to paycheck! 


 Millions face starvation in Democratic Republic of Congo, UN warns  | Yemen warning for United Nations as cholera and famine rage …

PS: in the month ahead, the Earth Custodians Blog will also focus on documenting the world monetary craziness that is taking the planet down. Blaming the powers that be must end: they are just abusing illusions/delusions about wealth. The system banks on a financial inertia that only will end when the problem is understood! It is chasing wealth that creates debts and massive poverty, military conflicts, etc

If you ever think that going money-free might never be possible, please watch the EC trailer to assess the pity state of world affairs now!

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