Does A Death Cult Society Have The Right To Existence In The Perpetually Creating Universe?

In our society everything is either fear or death driven, and often both at once. Yet most people think that it is how just things are, and that they have to accept it resiliently. That it is the human nature. They even pay for being preyed upon via taxation.  This dire phenomenon happens worldwide and is nothing new, it has always existed. From the Antiquity up to today.  

The war business also comes to mind and is one of the most discombobulating fact of all for sure. Earth Custodians has already elaborated on the latter in many occasions. 

A previous blog has established that science was in trouble as 40% of all research cannot be duplicated by the scientific method. Meaning that scientific research is about to become massively fraudulent and very deadly. So, we should no longer be surprised that the field of medicine had become the 3rd leading cause of death, not all linked to bad diagnostics but also negligence because there is too much money slushing around and people are thus less inclined to prioritize Life first. 

No matter how we look at the picture, abortion is a crime and forever will. But prohibiting it will not have any fruitful results because people endorse the “social art of killing” on a broad scale to start with. Abortion and war are two sides of the same coin, and in order to drastically decrease the abortion rate, society will have to abandon war as a business first. 

So what gives? Once again we can see how the 2 sides of the same coin, the left and the right, are working in concerto behind the scene. One takes care of abortions and the other, of the military killing machine. Let’s not mince our words: society IS psychopathic and unless people decide to wake up, nothing will change

Mutiny on abortion: Hundreds of doctors revolt over secret plans which would allow ‘free for all’ terminations ‘up until birth  |    Senate Democrats block late-term abortion ban – CBS News

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