Billionaires Explaining To You Why A College Degree Is Useless

Reality is stranger than fiction: to see the big picture, one just needs to open one’s mind to it to observe the data starting to flow in by itself, and which reveals that the truth is always hidden in plain sight.

Fractional reserve banking is a technique to print money that doesn’t exist and charge an interest for the circulation of the currency. Should we stop paying the interests, money would vanish, this is as simple as that. What many people do not realize that this (odious) concept would NEVER have  come to life if so many people were not willing to go into debt to cheat competition nor borrow against their future in the first place. Precious metals didn’t prevent any of that either. Although the banking collusion is beyond doubt, cursing the bankers is an attitude that doesn’t achieve anything, in the sense the latter are just banking on people’s greed to harvest the profits from people’s failure to comprehend that materialism is the ultimate trap.  How about to quit harming ourselves first? 


Of course billionaires would not tell openly they have clearly doomed humanity, because they would not have to become the Titanics of our global economic system if they had not borrowed up to their ears and beyond, so that their business ventures could cannibalize the markets. But meanwhile, they play the gurus and trash college degrees and have fun doing it and the world admire them even more. What is wrong with this picture, any idea? 

Yes indeed, reality is stranger than fiction!  NO one is going to win this run up for profits and humanity will pay the heavy price for understanding too late why a total systemic breakdown is today in the cards.  We can cynically thank the credit rating agencies for having done an excellent job, can’t we? 

Warren Buffet is right in a way: the price is what we pay, the value is what we get!

Business Debt Will Surge To $75 Trillion By 2020, S&P Global Ratings Cautions


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