Personal Responsibility, Factory Farms and Animal Rights

Finding the right picture for this column was a painful experience because pictures of animal suffering and human cruelty abound as shown on google images.  This difficult choice came along with the realization that sobriety would do this article justice much better.  Earth Custodians isn’t an activist platform but advocates for the remodeling of the Self,  it is a ‘mindset movement’ above all.


The previous column focusing on ‘global food waste’ and highlighting the influence of monetary policies clearly made the case for ending the rule of profit seeking. While following the money on an individual scale may seem acceptable it is often, if not always, lethal on a grand scale. It is just like the tip of the iceberg versus its invisible part which is always a lot bigger. The unseen holds the tip straight up, making it visible. But as the unseen part melts away and the tip can only follow the mechanisms of Nature. What is meant here is that the unseen dictates the surface what to do in the end. The same observation can be made about monetarism: on an individual level is thus never indicative of the underlying and hidden mechanisms. Monetarists want us to believe they control the latter but they do not.  And here is another example.

In the West each war has brought about a boom induced by the reconstruction phase. Cycles of destruction and reconstruction follow one another and are regarded as inevitable by many people. Capitalists call it ‘creative destruction’. And so was the aftermath of two world wars combined. If the US didn’t get carpet bombed, the country nonetheless crashed in 1929 and the side effects were still felt 16 years later. Until the crash it is reasonable to assess that only more or less 25% of population could afford eating meat once daily, but that considerably changed after WW2. Though what also changed is the massive infusion of credit into the economy that forever changed consumers’ habits, not to mention the fact that women were encouraged to join the work force under the guise of an emancipation strategy. For many the dream of living richly became a reality practically overnight. However here are we, seventy years later, and when looking at *big picture* objectivity speaking, the facts describe a very different story.


As food became plentiful after the war, people became obsessed with it, and this new consumerist landscape also began to affect people’s DNA. Anybody familiar with epigenetics, also knows Bruce Lipton, and about his theory that the environment influencing genes’ expression. Today food makes up roughly 50% of all the TV commercials, depending on the air time traffic. Obesity was seldom until the end of WW2 while today very severe weight issues have become a common occurrence. Even though obesity represents $190bn in healthcare costs in America alone, Europe is too getting almost there. Before to even emit any judgement about obesity itself, we ought to understand that this insidious uptrend is the mere consequence of an out of whack market frantically needing our meat consumption to ever inflate because vested interests only look forward to their returns. The meat industry has now become a threat to our very welfare.

Meat Addiction And Animal Farm Factories

Many animal activists feel right about their stance but they should begin to question the latter. While it is beyond question that there is a staggering animal suffering going on, it isn’t very realistic to push any vegan and vegetarian diets into people’s throats.  Decades of radical activism has postponed balanced solutions. As usual, the truth lies in the middle and only addressing the social addiction to meat will offer a serious long-time relief as the latter is at the very core of the problem.

This meat addiction is not only another issue crushing us to no end but also increasing animal abuse exponentially. We have heard about PETA and the like for decades and nothing has really changed. Why? Factory farms are the mirror of what needs to change on a consumer level. Activism cannot do a thing if not questioning our habits in the first place.  We cannot fix animal suffering nor end factory farms, if we keep dismissing that the absolute bottom line is self-imposed moderation. All actions derive from the metaphilosophy of the self. Every time we neglect to comprehend our own motives and purposes in life it does affect society in a big way.

While a vegetarian diet could be seen as paramount and way much healthier, there is nothing really wrong with eating meat as long as animals can be raised in a stress-free environment, grassfed and given the ability roam. Conventional meat today available on the market is toxic and poisonous. Animals suffering most of their lives and fed with GMOs are not suit for consumption. But we can easily imagine, the demand for meat being so high, that it would require a huge and demanding infrastructure to manage any livestock, hence the choice to contain the latter in closed and over-crowed areas standing in their own manure 24/7 while stuffing them with antibiotics.

From a direct observation, and this no exaggeration, the average omnivorous individual eats 1lb meat daily between breakfast and dinner. But is this amount truly needed to remain healthy? Think about the costs, today conventional meat prices are skyrocketing. Few people have already reduced their meat intake because they cannot afford it anymore. Although more people are becoming aware, the profit seeking mentality is too infecting organic markets. This will leave many checkmate at some point. Hard choices are right around the corner. A single earning 2 thousands a month may easily spend 500-600 hundreds on food if going completely organic. But even more infuriating: the organic label does not guarantee full quality anymore as it is being too stretched for the sake of profits. Mega farms take over organic brands and push the boundaries farther every day. At this pace, in 10 years from now, the organic label will be history. A further column will investigate this aspect thoroughly some time in the Spring.

Long story short, addressing animal suffering in factory farms and preventing the organic label from being hijacked, requires that each individual contemplates the reduction of meat intake as the only way out of this conundrum, that gluttony is not only hazardous to individual health but also pushing our civilization toward the edge of the cliff. Let’s not mince our words, we are figuratively and literally eating ourselves to death.

Of course, conventional eggs and dairies belong to same category of highly toxic foods. ‘Egg farm factories’ are too part of the problem. Conventional dairies aren’t much healthier since cows are genetically enhanced to produce more milk and too suffer most of their lives being milked nights and days.  Conventional milk must be avoided at all costs as it contains high levels of antibiotics among other things. Although raw milk has its supporters, considering products such as coconut and almond milk is seriously encouraged. We are about to reach the end game of monetization and more harm trying to do good will happen if we continue on this path to nowhere.  This column simply advocates for a diet with more veggies and rice or quinoa for example, but also nuts and fruits. However, there are many vegetarian and  vegan oriented sites out there doing a better job at giving advice.  Please consult them and see for yourself. Just add some excellent quality meat every now and the if you wish, quality is all you need to get the necessary nutrients to keep you in good health.

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