Prologue & Mindset Transitioning

Contrary to a popular assumption, the crisis didn't start with the rise of the industrialization era but a faulty premise that came about along with the inception of money. Our precarious situation is therefore not a coincidence. Earth Custodians' motto is thus Life First, it's Wholeness and Oneness!

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Blueprint For A Voluntary And
Futuristic Society

Blueprint... is a work elaborating on a set of guidelines to help make sense of the world's confusion. Why scientific research and psychology have to progress according to specific natural principles to avoid the pitfall of profiting from conflicts of interest and to imprison the thinking mode

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Mission And Platforms

First and foremost, the Movement exists as a platform for self-investigation and awakening, and pledges to team up with like-minded individuals. Humanity has to come to term with its fragmentation and regain its interconnectedness in thought. Holistic thinking must be restored. .

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Documentary And Fund Raising

Upcoming Documentary conveying the monetary aspects shaping 4,000 years of Darwinian dialectics and tackling the emergency to think and act locally in a decentralized fashion, stressing the urge to spread the word and defeat circular thinking and why using money as a mean to unlock human potential is necessary

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Discussion Forum

A cosy but more private place than Facebook to debate world issues, and prepare for mindset transitioning

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Metaphilosophy, metaphysics, economics, social & individual healing, AI, voluntaryism. Thought provoking without running around the bush

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EC Youtube Channel

Short video presentations summarizing the problems with monetarism

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Social Media

Join our FB group to spread the word among your friends and connect globally

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“ Man' s power lies in giving. He must learn to give as Nature gives. Each half of a cycle eternally gives to the other half for re-giving. Nature forever unfolds into many for the purpose of refolding into one. Each individual must manifest this universal law -- Walter Russell.”